Rebellion against traditional values or society always has consequences.


Quote 1) "That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun."

Act 3 Scene 2 lines 17-27

Quote 2) " I have nights cloak to hide me from their eyes”
Act 2 Scene 2 line 80

Quote 3) “O blessed, blessed night! I am afeard,
Being in the night, all this but a dream,
To flattering sweet to be substantial.”

Act 2 Scene 2 lines 146-148

Quote 4) “Come night. Come Romeo; Come thou in night,
For thou wilt lie upon the wings of night.”

Act 3 Scene 2 lines 17-18

Real life examples
Example 1) Stop signs are used all over the world today to control traffic. When one sees a stop sign, their instinct tells them to immediately stop. If this “traditional value” were to be disobeyed, there are different forms of consequence. Either you get a ticket for violating the law or you end up in an accident. Either way, by rebelling against the social norm of stopping at a stop sign, there are consequences.

Example 2) Rosa Park’s is remembered today as a revolutionary woman who helped shape our world for the better. She rebelled against the rules thrown at blacks during her time by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Although she was punished for doing this, she is one reason our world is how it is today.

Example 3) Teenage drinking is a problem visible all over the world. Because the legal drinking age is 21, anyone under this age is forbidden to drink until they are of the legal age. With this being said, anyone who breaks the law and drinks under-age is punished by the law. This can be a number of things such as going to jail.

Example 4) One historical example of rebellion was Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion in 1831. Him and a group of slaves when against their society and killed about 60 whites. Turner was convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged. In the result, the state executed 56 blacks charged of being part of Turner's slave rebellion. Two hundred blacks were also beaten and killed by white militias and mobs.