Obsession separates people from reality.
Book Examples:
O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair." (I.v. 114-115)

As if that name, Shot from the deadly level of a gun, Did murder her; as that name's cursed hand Murder'd her kinsman. O, tell me, friar, tell me, In what vile part of this anatomy Doth my name lodge? tell me, that I may sack The hateful mansion.
[Drawing his sword]" (III.iii. 111-117)
O, look! methinks I see my cousin's ghost Seeking out Romeo, that did spit his body Upon a rapier's point: stay, Tybalt, stay!Romeo, I come! this do I drink to thee.
[She falls upon her bed, within the curtains]" (IV.iii. 56-60)

Here's to my love!
O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.
[Dies]" (V.iii. 199-120)

Yea, noise? then I'll be brief. O happy dagger!
Snatching ROMEO's dagger
This is thy sheath;
Stabs herself
there rust, and let me die.
Falls on ROMEO's body, and dies." (V.iii. 176-177)

Real Life Examples:
-When a girl is in a new relationship, she often will blow off all her friends to hang out with him.
-People who become addicted to drugs will do anything to get them. The addiction dominates their life.
-Teens who become obsessed with what other people think will spend hours trying to correct their flaws to impress the other people.
-Athletes who are obsessed with getting better will literally spend hours in the gym perfecting their game.

Current Event New Articles:


This article discribes how over 100 gang members have been arrested in California. Gang violence is an example of obsession because the members put their lives on the line for the gang. They put the gang above everything else, and are taking a huge risk. Not only are that at risk of being arrested by the police, but also at risk of being killed because they are a part of the gang. Their health is also at risk because of drugs. Clearly the member has to be obsessed with the gang to put it above everything else and ignore the consequences.


This article discribes how TCU football players were arrested for dealing drugs. The players were clearly more obsessed with making money off the drugs than the consequences of their actions. Not only were they arrested and probably going to jail, but they have ruined their image as someone who younger kids can look up to. Lots of kids look up to the players they watch and want to be just like them. Since they have been arrested the kids will be ashamed of ever admiring them. The players have not only hurt themselves but the people around them. They have also hurt the image of TCU football. Clearly they were so obsessed with the money that they didn't think about what would happen if they got caught.