Love has the power to change everything
Romeo: “Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting. Villain am I none.”
-Romeo and Tybalt were going to fight before Tybalt killed Mercutio, but Romeo decided not to because he and Tybalt were now cousins. Because they are family by marriage, Romeo is compelled to love Tybalt, therefore he can’t kill him without reason, slightly altering Tybalt’s fate.
Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 63-64

Romeo: “Here’s to my love. [Drinking] O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss, I die.”
Romeo decides he can’t live without Juliet, and when he does to see her in the monument, buried amongst her ancestors, he drinks the poison and kills himself. His love for Juliet made him kill himself, one link in a long line of chain reactions that change the lives of many people.
Act 5, Scene 3, Lines 119-120

When dogs are strays or surrendered, they are often sent to shelters that might have to euthanize them because of the lack of space. People go in to these shelters, and upon falling in love with a dog, adopt it, saving its life.

In biblical times, King Xerxes was the ruler of Persia. He married a beautiful woman named Esther, but she was secretly an Israelite. When it was suggested that a law be passed to make killing all of the Israelites legal, Esther convinced her husband not to pass it, saving the lives of thousands of people. King Xerxes’s love for Esther changed the fates of thousands of people.

“That all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship that he garish sun.”
Act 3, Scene 2 lines 26-27
This example of love has the power to change the world is shown by the world Romeo and Juliet having the power change the world with their love.

“O, Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and ill no longer be a Capulet.”
II.ii. 37-40

This quote shows the power of love to change everything by breaking familial bonds that are very strong in Romeo and Juliet.

Charity work in general changes lives every day. You have homeless people living on the streets being taken in by absolute strangers that just want to do the right thing out of the love in their heart.

The big brothers and big sisters program is a good example of how just a loving person can change somebodies life. The big brothers big sisters program provides a loving mentor that helps guide troubled children though life.