Act II Characterization
Romeo: infatuated and in good spirits
  • He meets Juliet at her balcony, infatuated with her sight.
  • Being in love with Juliet, and having the option of actually being with her, excites Romeo, and brings him out of the depression and gloomy mood he was in.romeo.jpg
Juliet: in love (in a mutual relationship with Romeo) and nervous
  • She is waiting, nervously, for the Nurse to return home with news from her beloved Romeo about their marriage to be.
  • Juliet.jpg
Nurse: comical and motherly/good friends with Juliet.
  • The Nurse makes jokes and puns while speaking as if she belongs to the upper class, which she obviously does not.
  • When she arrives home from speaking with romeo, she plays with Juliet and teases her, which most servants wouldn't have been able to do in this day.Nurse.jpg
Benvolio: friendly and searching
  • After Romeo ditched them at the party, Benvolio has been out searching for Romeo. He maintains a friendly, light attitude the whole time.Benvilio.jpg
Mercutio: comical and friendly
  • After searching for Romeo with Benvolio all night, he maintains his comical and friendly mood by making puns and jokes with his friends and about his friends. His light, ariy mood helps to bring Romeo out of his depression.
  • mercutio.jpg
Tybalt: bold and daring
  • Tybalt sends a letter to Romeo, at his father's house, challenging him.
  • Tybalt.jpg

Act III Characterization:

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Romeo- Over Dramatic, sappy
- Kills Tybalt
- Whines for hours over his banishment
- Worries if Juliet will still love him even though he killed her cousin
- Marries Juliet
- Plans on running away then coming back for Juliet

Juliet- Innocent, Clever
- Hears that Romeo killed her cousin Tybalt and gets mad
- Feels guilty about being mad at Romeo
- Marries Romeo
- Will be waiting on Romeo to return

Tybalt- Showy, Violent
- Wants to fight Romeo
- Gets in a fight with Mercutio
- Kills Mercutio
- Is confronted by Romeo and fights him
- Gets killed by Romeo

Mercutio- Joking, Over Confident
- Jokes and makes fun of Tybalt
- Argues with Tybalt
- Believes he is better and can beat him
- Fights Tybalt
- Gets killed by Tybalt

Benvolio- Honest, laid back
- Trys to stop Mercutio from fighting Tybalt
- Observes both fights
- Tells the prince what happened

Capulet- Demanding, Heartless
- Plans wedding between Paris and Juliet
- Threatens to throw Juliet out if she doesn’t marry Paris

Lady Capulet- Lacks Confidence
- Backs up her husband

Friar- Helpful, Good intentions, Realistic
- Hides Romeo
- Helps Romeo form a plan

Nurse- Helpful, Starts out supportive
- She starts to not like Romeo
- Messenger for Juliet